The 1st event of Rivya Launching & Gathering was held on 21st of June 2022 at Premiere Hotel Pekanbaru. In this event we introduced the 1st Backhousia skincare series in Indonesia.

Backhousia Sleep Care Infused Serum: with Backhousia Citriodora and 10 NATURAL Active Ingredients. Super rich moisturizer with a soothing natural scent to keep the face hydrated and works effectively to soften and supple the face when you sleep. This product helps to controls sebum on the face and improves skin barrier, also brightens the face by rejuvenating the skin in 30 days.

Backhousia Acne Power Serum: with 5 Natural Active Ingredients including Backhousia Citriodora, its natural active ingredients are effective to reduce acne on your face, relieves irritation on your face, helps to balance sebum production on your face, reducing the appearance of acne, conceals pores and giving a healthy look on your face

Backhousia Facial Wash: with Backhousia Citriodora, Sapindus Mukorossi and 10 others Natural Active Ingredients, this product effective to clean and remove dirt on the face. Has PH 5.0-5.5 to maintains skin’s natural moisture, helps to control and reduce excess sebum, soothe the skin and creating a smooth and hydrated skin.

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